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Metro Solid Shelves

Metro Solid Shelves come in either stainless steel or solid galvanized.  They prevent your product from falling through.  Furthermore, Metro solid shelves has a 1/4″ raised ships ledge to prevent and contain spills.

Metro Solid Shelves

Metro Solid Shelves come in either stainless steel or solid galvanized.  They prevent your product from falling through.  Furthermore, Metro solid shelves has a 1/4" raised ships ledge to prevent and contain spills.

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Product NumberDimensions (D x W x H)FinishShelvesPriceQuantity
1424FG 14x24 Galvanized/Flat 75.48
1430FG 14x30 Galvanized/Flat 80.8
1436FG 14x36 Galvanized/Flat 80.8
1442FG 14x42 Galvanized/Flat 89.51
1448FG 14x48 Galvanized/Flat 89.51
1460FG 14x60 Galvanized/Flat 97.25
1824FG 18x24 Galvanized/Flat 80.8
1830FG 18x30 Galvanized/Flat 86.6
1836FG 18x36 Galvanized/Flat 86.6
1842FG 18x42 Galvanized/Flat 97.25
1848FG 18x48 Galvanized/Flat 97.25
1860FG 18x60 Galvanized/Flat 110.31
2124FG 21x24 Galvanized/Flat 88.54
2130FG 21x30 Galvanized/Flat 92.9
2136FG 21x36 Galvanized/Flat 92.9
2142FG 21x42 Galvanized/Flat 108.38
2148FG 21x48 Galvanized/Flat 108.38
2160FG 21x60 Galvanized/Flat 123.87
2424FG 24x24 Galvanized/Flat 97.25
2430FG 24x30 Galvanized/Flat 103.06
2436FG 24x36 Galvanized/Flat 103.06
2442FG 24x42 Galvanized/Flat 117.09
2448FG 24x48 Galvanized/Flat 117.09
2460FG 24x60 Galvanized/Flat 131.6
1424LG 14x24 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 85.16
1430LG 14x30 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 90.48
1436LG 14x36 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 90.48
1442LG 14x42 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 99.19
1448LG 14x48 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 99.19
1460LG 14x60 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 106.92
1824LG 18x24 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 90.48
1830LG 18x30 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 96.28
1836LG 18x36 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 96.28
1842LG 18x42 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 106.92
1848LG 18x48 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 107.38
1860LG 18x60 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 120
2124LG 21x24 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 98.22
2130LG 21x30 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 102.58
2136LG 21x36 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 102.58
2142LG 21x42 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 118.06
2148LG 21x48 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 118.06
2160LG 21x60 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 133.54
2424LG 24x24 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 106.92
2430LG 24x30 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 112.73
2436LG 24x36 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 112.73
2442LG 24x42 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 126.76
2448LG 24x48 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 126.76
2460LG 24x60 Galvanized/Louvered-Embossed 141.29
1424FS 14x24 Stainless Steel/Flat 182.89
1430FS 14x30 Stainless Steel/Flat 187.24
1436FS 14x36 Stainless Steel/Flat 187.24
1442FS 14x42 Stainless Steel/Flat 227.89
1448FS 14x48 Stainless Steel/Flat 227.89
1460FS 14x60 Stainless Steel/Flat 271.92
1824FS 18x24 Stainless Steel/Flat 208.05
1830FS 18x30 Stainless Steel/Flat 203.14
1836FS 18x36 Stainless Steel/Flat 212.41
1842FS 18x42 Stainless Steel/Flat 259.82
1848FS 18x48 Stainless Steel/Flat 263.42
1860FS 18x60 Stainless Steel/Flat 316.92
2124FS 21x24 Stainless Steel/Flat 237.09
2130FS 21x30 Stainless Steel/Flat 241.43
2136FS 21x36 Stainless Steel/Flat 241.43
2142FS 21x42 Stainless Steel/Flat 294.66
2148FS 21x48 Stainless Steel/Flat 294.66
2160FS 21x60 Stainless Steel/Flat 368.69
2424FS 24x24 Stainless Steel/Flat 254.99
2430FS 24x30 Stainless Steel/Flat 260.3
2436FS 24x36 Stainless Steel/Flat 260.3
2442FS 24x42 Stainless Steel/Flat 313.53
2448FS 24x48 Stainless Steel/Flat 313.53
2460FS 24x60 Stainless Steel/Flat 382.23
1424LS 14x24 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 192.57
1430LS 14x30 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 196.93
1436LS 14x36 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 196.93
1442LS 14x42 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 237.57
1448LS 14x48 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 237.57
1460LS 14x60 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 281.59
1824LS 18x24 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 217.73
1830LS 18x30 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 222.08
1836LS 18x36 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 222.08
1842LS 18x42 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 269.5
1848LS 18x48 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 273.47
1860LS 18x60 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 326.59
2124LS 21x24 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 246.76
2130LS 21x30 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 251.11
2136LS 21x36 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 251.11
2142LS 21x42 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 304.33
2148LS 21x48 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 304.33
2160LS 21x60 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 378.36
2424LS 24x24 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 264.66
2430LS 24x30 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 269.98
2436LS 24x36 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 269.98
2442LS 24x42 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 323.2
2448LS 24x48 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 323.2
2460LS 24x60 Stainless Steel/Louvered-Embossed 391.92