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30" Deep Worktable


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Product NumberDimensions (D x W x H)FinishShelvesPriceQuantity
WT306FC 30x60x34 Chrome Post/Galvanized Lower Shelf 940.1
WT307FC 30x72x34 Chrome Post/Galvanized Lower Shelf 1075.09
WT309FC 30x96x34 Chrome Post/Galvanized Lower Shelf 1287.98
WT306HS 30x60x34 Stainless With "H" Frame 1118.64
WT307HS 30x72x34 Stainless With "H" Frame 1219.28
WT309HS 30x96x34 Stainless With "H" Frame 1454.42
WT305US 30x48x34 Stainless With 3 Sided Frame 1034.45
WT306US 30x60x34 Stainless With 3 Sided Frame 1118.64
WT307US 30x72x34 Stainless With 3 Sided Frame 1219.28
WT309US 30x96x34 Stainless With 3 Sided Frame 1454.42
WT305FS 30x48x34 Stainless With Bottom Shelf 1263.79
WT306FS 30x60x34 Stainless With Bottom Shelf 1351.37
WT307FS 30x72x34 Stainless With Bottom Shelf 1460.72
WT309FS 30x96x34 Stainless With Bottom Shelf 1782.95