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Metro shelving products make space work for you. Metro wire shelf units come as preconfigured units to take the guesswork out of ordering the correct parts. Metro wire shelf accessories allow you to accessorize your shelf units with ledges protect your product from falling off.  Especially in mobile applications like metro wire cartsshelf dividers keep your product organized.  Metro cart covers protect your product from light and dust.  Metro Top Track and Metro qwikTRAK allow you to regain 50% of your floor space with a mobile aisle.

Additionally, if you want to store products off the floor, Metro wall shelving helps you do just that. For damp and corrosive environments, choose our Metro Polymer line Metromaxi and Metromaxq. If theft and shrinkage are an issue, Metro security units can help secure your product.  Furthermore, our professional staff are experts in layout and configuration.  Our experts stand ready to assist.  Or if it is a hard to find item, gives us a call for help.