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Storage & Distribution Systems

Black Phenolic Top and 3-sided Frame

Black Phenolic Top and 3-sided Frame

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Product NumberDimensions (D x W x H)FinishShelvesPriceQuantity
LTSM30UPB 30x30x36 Mobile 1141.49
LTSM36UPB 30x36x36 Mobile 1206.31
LTSM48UPB 30x48x36 Mobile 1291.81
LTSM60UPB 30x60x36 Mobile 1377.77
LTS30UPB 30x30x36 Stationary 1120.35
LTS36UPB 30x36x36 Stationary 1184.71
LTS48UPB 30x48x36 Stationary 1270.67
LTS60UPB 30x60x36 Stationary 1356.63