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Storage & Distribution Systems

Cannabis Dry Carts


Cannabis Dry Carts by Metro Shelving provide grow houses with an adjustable system to dry cannabis plants prior to trimming.  This unit has 6 Dropmat Grid Collared shelves 26×60″ and 6 removable tray drying tier.  Each removable tier consists of 1 wire mat and 2 – 26″ collared slides.  Additionally, 2 heavy duty 5″ stem brake casters accompany 2 5″ rigid casters.  Hang your plants in your drying environment until you are ready to use the Cannabis Trim Cart (MCTC-1848-PAN).  Each cart comes with 3 – 18×26″ x 1 1/8″ catch aluminum trays.


SKU: CDC2660-76P

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