Cannabis Trim Cart by Metro Shelving is a multi functional workstation designed around the operator to eliminate space constraints and increase overall productivity. Clip, slide, clean, store or work in a smaller footprint. Metro Cannabis Trim Carts efficiently sized & accessorized to maximize space and allow for a streamlined process and workflow.


Multi-Functional: Perform a multitude of tasks in a space saving foot print.  Because of a patent pending multi-level work surface design that will make your tasks execute faster and most efficiently.

• Multi-Level: The Metro Cannabis Trim Cart Multi-Rail maximizes your work space by holding work surfaces above your containers.  So this creates a dynamic system for preparation that will increase your productivity by up to 20%*

• Multi-Height: Every Trim Cart MultiStation is capable of 5 work surface heights (351/8″ – 391/8″).  Further allowing the work station to be set-up for multiple employee heights and tasks.

• Mobile: When space is at a premium, mobility allows for tasks to be done in multiple locations.  Thus saving time and labor transporting product.

• Stable: Four Total Lock casters provide a stable work surface by locking both the caster wheel and the hub for maximum stability.

• Flexible: The Metro Cannabis Trim Cart Multi-Rail holds standard 18” Cutting Boards** and Food Pans.  Therefore it allows for fast set-up, execution, clean-up, and change-over.

• Task Specific: Configurable to a multitude of tasks with labor & space saving accessories.

• Easy to Clean: Wipe down and able to be taken apart without tools for sanitation.

• Construction: Based on Metro Super Erecta® commercial grade shelving systems with 1″ shelf adjustability, 800lb shelf load capacity, and unlimited configurations.

• Space Saving Design: Trim Carts are available in 18″x24″, 18″x30″, 18″x36″, & 18″x48″ sizes to fit in the most space constrained environments.

Because this space saving product keeps trim away from bud, your operator will be more efficient.

Workers skillfully trim dried buds to have an aesthetically pleasing look while also creating a more potent & easy smoking product, ultimately increasing the value of the cannabis.

Trimming is one of the most demanding jobs in the cannabis industry and creating an ergonomic solution for trimmers is what we set out to do. Effective and efficient, Metro’s trimming solutions help increase the productivity of your trimmers while increasing your production.

  • Higher efficiency in the trimming process
  • Ergonomic workstations help to keep employees comfortable and productive
  • Cleanable surfaces make for an environment that protects against contamination
  • Increased productivity of processes and workers leads to higher quality and production