MW600 Series Standard Duty Carts are the most efficient way to create mobile space.  Additionally, Metro MW Utility Carts offer a level of versatility and durability you’ll find nowhere else. Furthermore these cart systems are available in the sizes and styles that will best suit your environment.  So this lets you create a highly-effective transport system no matter what the need. Metro carts are ergonomically-designed for low-effort transport, and give you the precise handling you need to maneuver in close quarters.

Multiple Configurations: MW600 Series Standard Duty Carts can be built from individual components if  additional sizes or specific casters  are required. Choose wire or solid shelving to fit your needs:

  • Wire Shelves: Bright, modern, sanitary appearance. Open construction minimizes dust accumulation, maximizes visibility and air circulation.  Finishes available in chrome or type 304 stainless steel.
  • Solid Shelves: Made from type 304 stainless steel w/ epoxy coated corners. Ideal for transporting materials that require an expanse of flat surface. Raised ship’s edge permits fast clean-up in case of liquid spills. Double thickness of 18-gauge steel at edges also gives rigidity and high strength.

Super Erecta Shelf  Construction: Finally, this makes units easy to assemble with absolute rigidity, and makes relocation of shelves quick and simple.

Strong and Durable: 375lbs. (170kg) weight capacity per cart.

MW Series is NSF listed