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36" Deep Worktable


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Product NumberDimensions (D x W x H)FinishShelvesPriceQuantity
WT366FC 36x60x34 Chrome Post/Galvanized Lower Shelf 1228.47
WT367FC 36x72x34 Chrome Post/Galvanized Lower Shelf 1382.82
WT369FC 36x96x34 Chrome Post/Galvanized Lower Shelf 1563.78
WT366HS 36x60x34 Stainless With "H" Frame 1305.89
WT367HS 36x72x34 Stainless With "H" Frame 1413.79
WT369HS 36x96x34 Stainless With "H" Frame 1657.64
WT366US 36x60x34 Stainless With 3 Sided Frame 1305.89
WT367US 36x72x34 Stainless With 3 Sided Frame 1413.79
WT369US 36x96x34 Stainless With 3 Sided Frame 1657.64
WT366FS 36x60x34 Stainless With Bottom Shelf 1551.67
WT367FS 36x72x34 Stainless With Bottom Shelf 1664.89
WT369FS 36x96x34 Stainless With Bottom Shelf 2005.04