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Add on Units

Add on Units Super Adjustable by Metro Shelving consist of 2 posts, 5 shelves, and 2 “S” Hooks per shelf, for attaching shelf to adjacent starter unit.

Add on Units

Add on Units Super Adjustable by Metro Shelving consist of 2 posts, 5 shelves, and 2 "S" Hooks per shelf, for attaching shelf to adjacent starter unit.

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Product NumberDimensions (D x W x H)FinishShelvesPriceQuantity
5AA217C 14x24x74 Chrome 410.54
5AA227C 14x30x74 Chrome 419.9
5AA237C 14x36x74 Chrome 431.7
5AA247C 14x42x74 Chrome 464.37
5AA257C 14x48x74 Chrome 464.37
5AA267C 14x60x74 Chrome 518.2
5AA277C 14x72x74 Chrome 572.04
5AA317C 18x24x74 Chrome 393.37
5AA327C 18x30x74 Chrome 400.62
5AA337C 18x36x74 Chrome 405.46
5AA347C 18x42x74 Chrome 470.78
5AA357C 18x48x74 Chrome 470.78
5AA367C 18x60x74 Chrome 531.25
5AA377C 18x72x74 Chrome 615.93
5AA417C 21x24x74 Chrome 441.75
5AA427C 21x30x74 Chrome 453.84
5AA437C 21x36x74 Chrome 465.94
5AA447C 21x42x74 Chrome 519.16
5AA457C 21x48x74 Chrome 519.16
5AA467C 21x60x74 Chrome 591.74
5AA477C 21x72x74 Chrome 686.08
5AA517C 24x24x74 Chrome 458.68
5AA527C 24x30x74 Chrome 478.03
5AA537C 24x36x74 Chrome 487.72
5AA547C 24x42x74 Chrome 560.29
5AA557C 24x48x74 Chrome 560.29
5AA567C 24x60x74 Chrome 640.12
5AA577C 24x72x74 Chrome 741.72
5AA217K3 14x24x74 Metroseal w/microban 456.93
5AA227K3 14x30x74 Metroseal w/microban 468.51
5AA237K3 14x36x74 Metroseal w/microban 482.77
5AA247K3 14x42x74 Metroseal w/microban 527.33
5AA257K3 14x48x74 Metroseal w/microban 527.33
5AA267K3 14x60x74 Metroseal w/microban 576.39
5AA277K3 14x72x74 Metroseal w/microban 639.33
5AA317K3 18x24x74 Metroseal w/microban 455.78
5AA327K3 18x30x74 Metroseal w/microban 465.46
5AA337K3 18x36x74 Metroseal w/microban 484.81
5AA347K3 18x42x74 Metroseal w/microban 554.96
5AA357K3 18x48x74 Metroseal w/microban 554.96
5AA367K3 18x60x74 Metroseal w/microban 637.22
5AA377K3 18x72x74 Metroseal w/microban 714.63
5AA417K3 21x24x74 Metroseal w/microban 504.16
5AA427K3 21x30x74 Metroseal w/microban 516.26
5AA437K3 21x36x74 Metroseal w/microban 525.94
5AA447K3 21x42x74 Metroseal w/microban 598.51
5AA457K3 21x48x74 Metroseal w/microban 598.51
5AA467K3 21x60x74 Metroseal w/microban 680.77
5AA477K3 21x72x74 Metroseal w/microban 806.56
5AA517K3 24x24x74 Metroseal w/microban 538.03
5AA527K3 24x30x74 Metroseal w/microban 550.12
5AA537K3 24x36x74 Metroseal w/microban 559.81
5AA547K3 24x42x74 Metroseal w/microban 658.99
5AA557K3 24x48x74 Metroseal w/microban 658.99
5AA567K3 24x60x74 Metroseal w/microban 758.18
5AA577K3 24x72x74 Metroseal w/microban 867.04
5AA217S 14x24x74 Stainless Steel 1109.9
5AA227S 14x30x74 Stainless Steel 1140.8
5AA247S 14x32x74 Stainless Steel 1346.3
5AA237S 14x36x74 Stainless Steel 1156.6
5AA257S 14x48x74 Stainless Steel 1346.3
5AA267S 14x60x74 Stainless Steel 1634.31
5AA277S 14x72x74 Stainless Steel 1807.39
5AA317S 18x24x74 Stainless Steel 1456.88
5AA327S 18x30x74 Stainless Steel 1483.8
5AA337S 18x36x74 Stainless Steel 1501.7
5AA347S 18x42x74 Stainless Steel 1743.6
5AA357S 18x48x74 Stainless Steel 1743.6
5AA367S 18x60x74 Stainless Steel 1967.61
5AA377S 18x72x74 Stainless Steel 2281.24
5AA417S 21x24x74 Stainless Steel 1636.11
5AA427S 21x30x74 Stainless Steel 1680.89
5AA437S 21x36x74 Stainless Steel 1725.7
5AA447S 21x42x74 Stainless Steel 1922.83
5AA457S 21x48x74 Stainless Steel 1922.83
5AA467S 21x60x74 Stainless Steel 2191.6
5AA477S 21x72x74 Stainless Steel 2541.05
5AA517S 24x24x74 Stainless Steel 1698.83
5AA527S 24x30x74 Stainless Steel 1770.52
5AA537S 24x36x74 Stainless Steel 1806.36
5AA547S 24x42x74 Stainless Steel 2075.14
5AA557S 24x48x74 Stainless Steel 2075.14
5AA567S 24x60x74 Stainless Steel 2370.82
5AA577S 24x72x74 Stainless Steel 2747.14