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4 Tremendous Benefits of Metro Shelving

4 Tremendous Benefits of Metro Shelving

When you need to organize a room in your home or your office, you can rely on metro shelving.

When you need to organize a room in your home or your office, you can rely on metro shelving. Here at Metro Shelving, we sell metro wire shelf units as one of our most popular products. If you’re looking for new storage solutions, then you should consider using a metro or intermetro wire shelf.

They’re Versatile

No matter what you need them for, wire shelving units are incredibly versatile. For instance, if they feature sliding hanging rods, they make organizing your closet even easier. Put away your summer clothes and arrange your fall outfits in a way that you prefer. You can also stack multiple wire shelving units together if you need, especially in larger spaces such as your kitchen, garage, or basement storage room.  

They’re Mobile

Feel free to move your metro shelving units wherever you need them to go. You can squeeze them into tight corners and detach and reattach shelves as you need them, without the need for any tools. Using wooden shelves might be able to hold all of your books, keepsakes, and shoeboxes, but at some point, you will decide to place that shelf in a different room.

They’re Low Maintenance

Wire shelving units are also low-maintenance. Although the basic unit you select comes with a chrome finish, you can also find different types of finishes to suit whatever room or space you are putting the metro shelving into; when you use other types of shelves, they can break down and show scratches or other unsightly types of damages. Wood is also prone to suffering water damage from moisture or humidity. Humidity can be a troublesome problem for homeowners and business owners all over the country but because metro shelves are low maintenance, you won’t have to worry about that, which can also keep your costs down.

Other alternatives you can consider include metroseal shelving, which features a 12-year warranty that protects it against the effects of rust and corrosion. Other options include stainless steel and polymer shelving, such as Metromaxi and Metromaxq.

They’re Affordable

When you need to keep costs down, wire shelves are also affordable options. Whether you’re a rapidly growing business that needs to keep pace with an ever-expanding inventory or your family is growing, and you need more places to put clothes, shoes, and household supplies, you can feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re getting the best value for your money. Don’t wait, contact us today!

Make Space Work for You with Metro Shelving!

If you’re a homeowner or run a business, you can depend on Metro Shelving. If you need to outfit a warehouse, give us a call at (800) 400-7500. Call us even if you aren’t looking to outfit a warehouse because if your garage, laundry room, or kitchen pantry are in need of help, we can help you too. Are you on social media? Follow us on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.   

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