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Why Should You Use Modular Offices in Your Warehouse?

Why Should You Use Modular Offices in Your Warehouse?

Modular offices can be a great addition to any warehouse, especially if you are looking for some extra storage space.

Modular offices can be a great addition to any warehouse, especially if you are looking for some extra storage space. Since working in a warehouse can be cacophonous at times, a designated office space can make a great addition. A warehouse can be a hard place to conduct phone calls or other business such as interviews and client visits. It can also be difficult to find a safe and organized place to store essential company documents and personnel files. For this reason, it is crucial to consider modular offices for your warehouse space. Keep reading to find out how modular offices in your warehouse could benefit both you and your business!


The modular offices offered from Metro Shelving are customizable to suit your needs. We will make then sure that you get what you need. Our wall systems for modular offices are designed so that any panel can be removed, replaced, or changed to doors or windows with minimal effort. As your business grows and you will need to accommodate more employees, you can alter whatever modular office system you choose to fit your needs better as time moves on.

Get creative with it! You can choose the number of rooms, size of rooms, and so much more. We can work with you to fulfill whatever needs you might have.  We will work with you to find whatever model of modular offices works best for your business.

Tax Advantages

From a more practical, tax standpoint, modular offices offer a considerable advantage over traditional office construction. On your taxes, a conventionally constructed building is billed as real property so that it will have a 39 year depreciation period. Modular construction has a much shorter depreciation time of seven years. This is because modular offices can be easily moved and are therefore not considered permanent.

Short Turnaround Time

The construction time for modular offices is so much shorter than the construction time for traditional offices. Modular structures are typically built off-site, and then brought in and installed. Because the structure is brought in and installed rather than built-in, there is a lot less downtime from construction. Because of this, there is also less mess and dust kicked up because installation is much easier and cleaner than construction.

Questions? Ask Metro Shelving!

If you still have questions about how modular office space will benefit your warehouse, Metro Shelving is here to help you. If you need to outfit a warehouse, give us a call at 800-400-7500 or visit us online. We will work with you to create the perfect office space for you, your business, and your employees. We can even help you if you are interested in outfitting your garage, laundry room, or even your kitchen pantry. For more tips, tricks, and to see what we have been working on, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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