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Different Ideas for Kitchen Shelving This Holiday Season

Different Ideas for Kitchen Shelving This Holiday Season

Here are just a few ideas for switching up the shelving in your kitchen to make an impression this holiday season.

Whether you’re looking to redesign the space or only update the look of your kitchen, consider making some changes to your shelving to make a big impact. Not only can new or updated shelving change the look of your kitchen, but it can also make the space more functional and versatile. There are plenty of ways to use wall shelving to change the feel of your kitchen, from materials to organization to shelf placement. Here are just a few ideas for switching up the shelving in your kitchen to make an impression this holiday season.

Shake Things Up With Hanging Storage

One great way to open up some space in your kitchen and change the design around is to experiment with hanging storage. By using hanging racks and hooks on your wall, you can open up the walls and create visually pleasing patterns with your kitchenware. Try alternating hanging storage with open shelving to spice up the design and generate interest for the eye.

Open Shelving

A popular trend in kitchen shelving design is open shelving. By using open shelving rather than cumbersome cabinetry, you can add even more space to your kitchen. This will allow you to see and use more of the walls, opening up plenty of space and making the ceilings appear higher. Plus, open shelving will enable you to arrange your kitchenware, along with plants, glasses, and decorative objects in a unique design.

Remove Cabinet Doors

A less expensive alternative to switching out your cabinetry for open shelving is to try removing the cabinet doors. This will open up your cabinet shelving in a similar way, allowing you to add interest through design and organization, but is a much simpler home improvement project. You can even repaint the inside of the cabinets to make a bigger impact on the design of your kitchen. Try storing your wine in some open cabinetry to make a statement this holiday season.

Live-Edge Shelving Adds A Rustic Touch

Changing up your shelving material is a great way to switch up the design in your kitchen. By using reclaimed wood or other natural material, you can add to your home’s rustic look. Try a live-edge wood shelf to add an eclectic and natural look to your kitchen. This kind of upgrade will add value and add to any farmhouse-style kitchen.

Try Different Materials and Finishes

Set your kitchen shelving apart from the rest this holiday season by trying a new shelving material. Open, metal shelving or brass finishes can add a modern touch to any kitchen. Plus, metal materials are very versatile and are sure to add a unique design element.

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