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The Versatility of Metal Shelving

The Versatility of Metal Shelving

For most businesses out there, metal shelving will offer the strength and versatility that you need.

As a business grows the needs change, sometimes faster than the physical allowances of the space the business occupies. Almost any business, no matter the industry, no matter the location, at one point or another will need better storage and better organization for its stock, tools, or inventory. Now that it is time to update or upgrade your storage solutions, you might be overwhelmed by all of the choices there are. For most businesses out there, metal shelving will offer the strength and versatility that you need.

Industrial Storage

This is probably the area where most people picture metal shelving: a huge metal framework with heavy-duty shelves holding heavy wooden pallets of boxes and supplies. And it is true that metal shelving is well suited to this work environment. It is durable and sturdy enough to hold pallets of stone, so it could also easily hold your heavy tools and equipment or your warehouse stock. They can also be customized to provide functional storage. For instance, in an auto shop, metal shelving can be designed to rack tires so that they are organized and easy to retrieve, but stay safely up out of the way.

Medical Storage

If your business is medical related, you know that you need safe and sturdy storage, for everything from pharmacy supplies to office supplies. The storage also has to meet all the required specifications. Metal storage can do that. It can keep sensitive medical equipment safe and organized, and securely hold your goods and supplies, all while being easy to clean and sterilize.

Restaurant Storage

Restaurants also have to worry about cleanliness, since much of their storage houses food product. Metal storage units can meet federal and state safety parameters. They can work in cold and hot environments, and they can be sturdy enough for the kitchen or look nice enough for the front of the house. Metal shelving can meet all the needs of the restaurant.

Maintenance Storage

Even if you don’t have a huge warehouse, heavy tools, or need to house medical equipment or food, metal shelving still likely has a place in your business. Your maintenance or janitorial staff likely could use the strong shelving for storing tools and supplies. Metal shelving is sturdy and corrosion resistant, perfect for storing cleaning chemicals up out of the way. It can also handle anything that the maintenance team is working to fix, including heavy machine parts or sensitive computer electronics.

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