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Storage & Distribution Systems

Double Storage Space with TopTrack

Metro’s TopTrack system can condense your storage down into a smaller footprint using a mobile aisle. Increase your storage space by 50%. 

Because mobile units move between stationary units, an aisle opens between any two units as needed. Therefore, you can use space more efficiently, possibly eliminating facility expansion or renovation.

Metro TopTrack mobile shelving units glide easily along overhead aluminum tracks. Consequently, these tracks allow you to push carts in and out between units. Also, with overhead tracks, you create a space-saving, flexible alternative to floor-mounted track systems. As a result, mobile units move more easily and can store heavy weight loads – up to 900 lb (408 kg).

Besides single-deep systems, you can create double-deep configurations, where two systems are joined. Double-deep Metro TopTrack systems increase overall depth of the storage system for greater storage capacity.

*Double-deep TopTrack systems are available for Super Erecta and Super Adjustable shelving only.

  • Increase of storage capacity up to 50%
  • Guide tracks that compensate for uneven floor surfaces and keep units in alignment
  • Mobile units designed to address medium-duty applications
  • Weight capacity of Top-Track mobile unit: 900 lb (408 kg)
  • Mobile units that make floors easy to clean
  • Room for utility carts to easily roll in and out of active aisle

Check out an 11.5′ TopTrack system here:


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