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PPE Cart

Check out the PPE cart by Metro! It provides mobile, secure PPE storage for employee check-ins or shift access. Store masks, gloves, glasses, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies. Place these carts at your business for both employees and visitors.

Helps customers identify the PPE check-in station

PPE Cart

PPE cart by Metro provides mobile, secure PPE storage for employee check-ins or shift access. In addition, they are easily reconfigurable and are stable when the brake casters engage. Finally, PPE check-in stations can store backup supplies, hold a waste bin, or accommodate signage.

Not only do they provide convenient access to hand sanitizer and PPE, but they also provide additional secure storage for extra supplies and high value items such as infrared thermometers. And, they can reposition from entry points to out-of-way locations when not in use.

Additionally, they can be reconfigured and repurposed as needs change.

Check out the link above to see more information about these PPE carts! 

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