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Five Tips for Using Wire Shelving Safely

Five Tips for Using Wire Shelving Safely

Following these critical tips can ensure that your wire shelving stays in safe and sufficient conditions.

Keeping your storeroom or warehouse organized and well supplied is always a huge task, and a huge part of ensuring your success has a well-planned storage system. For many, wire shelving is the backbone of this system and it can serve as a highly functional and practical solution. However, when not used correctly it can quickly become dangerous to humans and equipment alike. Following these critical tips can ensure that your wire shelving stays in safe and sufficient conditions.

Follow the Manufacturer Guidelines

While it may seem straightforward, you might be surprised to learn how many people don’t use wire shelving the way it is intended. Every shelving system comes with its own set of rules and guidelines that clearly layout how you should and shouldn’t use them. Always follow these; particularly when it comes to installation and weight limits. Knowing the guidelines can keep everyone and everything safe and ensure that your shelving lasts as long as possible.

Keep It Level

Whether there is a loose tile, an issue with flooring, or a missing foot, keeping your shelving level is a critical step in safety and maintenance. Uneven shelves can lead to slipping product or worse. If your flooring is uneven, ensure that you opt for a wire shelving unit with adjustable feet to create a safe system.

Distribute Weight Evenly

Every shelving system has its own set of weight limits. Knowing these and making them known can help avoid a wide variety of problems. Additionally, make sure that all shelving has weight distributed evenly from the bottom up to ensure that nothing is front or back-loaded.

Mount Shelves Securely

Proper mounting is one of the most important steps you can take to the overall security and long term durability of your shelving. When mounting the installation brackets, make sure to use a stud finder to ensure that the system will be secure and well supported.

Have Spare Parts On Hand

Even the most durable shelving unit will occasionally have parts that break or need replacement. Keeping spare parts and accessories readily available and nearby can help make sure that when an accident or issue occurs, it can be fixed so you can get back to work!

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