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Warehouse Design: How to Organize Your Loading Docks

Warehouse Design: How to Organize Your Loading Docks

Instead, you should look into ways to increase the usable space you already have, specifically in your loading docks.

The space available in your warehouse is probably one of the biggest love-hate aspects to your business. When you’re cramped for space, you hate that you don’t have anywhere to put things or maybe even move safely, but you love that it means that business demands have you ordering more. If this increase is seasonal and not a general trend in your company (or it’s too soon to tell), you probably don’t want to invest in a larger warehouse space yet. Instead, you should look into ways to increase the usable space you already have, specifically in your loading docks.

The Docks

Your loading dock is an area for loading and unloading trucks, and at some times of day, it is a bustle of activity and others it is pretty quiet. The key thing is to find ways to add storage in the loading dock area that doesn’t interfere with the loading and unloading work that still has to be done there. And this storage space has to be added safely – if it creates a dangerous work environment, it’s not worth it.

Look Up

Most loading docks don’t have additional floor space to devote to storage. If yours does, you’ve probably already started storing excess stuff there. You could add pallet racks to that area, or perhaps you would be better served by mobile storage, like wire carts that can be moved out of the way when they’re no longer needed. If you don’t have extra floor space, consider building up. If you have enough space between the loading bay doors and the ceiling, consider installing a warehouse mezzanine.

Pallet Racks

If you can’t build a mezzanine, you may be able to install tall pallet racks over the bay doors. Use tall upright frames built so that the legs extend down on either side of the loading bay. Workers and equipment must be able to move safely in and out of doors without hitting the racks. The resulting storage over the doors will be used for things that you don’t need to access since it will be hard to reach.

Safety Considerations

As with any shelving unit, you will have to bolt these to the floor securely. You should also consider installing warehouse safety guardrails to prevent accidental collisions between forklifts or pallet jacks and the pallet racks. You could also wrap the posts in a buffer material like rubber that can absorb the shock of an accidental impact.

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