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4 Types of Restaurant Shelving

4 Types of Restaurant Shelving

If you’re looking to update or upgrade the shelving and storage in your restaurant, here are four options you should consider adding to your current set up.

Is there anything quite as beautiful as a fully stocked, accurately labeled, and well-organized pantry or cook station? If you’re in the restaurant industry, the answer is likely “no” because you know that a well-organized kitchen is a faster, more efficient kitchen. If you’re looking to update or upgrade the shelving and storage in your restaurant, here are four options you should consider adding to your current set up.


Aluminum Shelving Units

Aluminum shelving units offer a host of benefits to meet your storage needs. The structures are sturdy, and the shelves are wide, so they are great for holding all sorts of things, from spice containers to baked goods. These units also tend to be rust proof so that you can use them anywhere you need storage: the kitchen, the backroom, the office, the walk-in, or wherever.


Aluminum Wall Shelves

Floor space is a hot commodity in almost any busy area, and the kitchen is no exception. If your kitchen is currently packed to capacity with equipment and people, and you can’t even imagine adding a (or another) shelving unit to the mix, look to the walls. Aluminum wall shelves are a great way to add to your storage. They are strong and low maintenance, and they are a great place to keep condiments, paper goods, spices, and other items out of the way but within easy reach.


Slanted Wire Shelving

If your shelving needs extend to the front of the house, consider slanted wire shelving. These are a great way to display goods, like bread or pastries, so that your customers can see them. Add wall shelving to the space behind the counter so that customers see the daily baked goods as they’re ordering. The highlight of this type of storage is that nothing can get “lost” behind other items because the shelves are slanted so you can see everything on them. These can also be used to sort incoming mail or packages for employees to see and access as needed.



If you’re looking to open up space, then consider adding storage that gives your employees a place to put their belongings. When you’re constantly moving coats or bags off of tables so that space can be used for actual work, it is time to invest in lockers. A large locker with multiple cubbies and built-in locks is ideal. This will give your employees a place to securely store their coat, phone or wallet, as well as a change of clothes if needed.


Make Space Work for You with Metro Shelving!

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