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Types of Lab Carts

There are many types of Metro lab carts that can be used dependent on their environment. Stainless steel is a great material to be used for lab carts due to the durability. Additionally, it is easily cleaned without the worry of rusting. 

Polymer Metro lab carts are also a great option to be used in a lab setting. The polymer is anti-microbial and light weight for easy mobility. 

We’ve listed some lab cart options below. Click on the links to take you to the website where you can easily purchase them. There are different size options that you can choose from. Furthermore, give us a call for help with any type of lab cart questions! 

Polymer Carts – Click Here to Polymer Metro Lab Cart Options

Two shelf or three shelf polymer lab carts are available as well as multiple shelf carts with different heights. 

polymer lab cart

Green Epoxy with Polymer Shelves – Click Here to Green Epoxy Metro Lab Cart Options

Multiple shelf units in different sizes. Polymer mat shelves are easily removed for cleaning.

super erecta pro

Stainless Steel Utility Carts – Click Here to Stainless Steel Utility Metro Lab Cart Options 

Two or three shelf options. Wire or solid shelf options available. 

stainless steel cart

Additionally, you can add a custom cart cover to any of the Metro lab carts by clicking the link below. Cart covers are a cost-effective way to protect your carts and the items on it.  

Custom Cart Covers

cart cover


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