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Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen in 2019

Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen in 2019

Maintaining an organized kitchen can be a tall order.

Maintaining an organized kitchen can be a tall order. Because you use your kitchen with such frequency, it can be difficult to get used to a new system. However, when you implement a plan, you’ll enjoy how much more efficient your life will become. Check out these tips for organizing your kitchen in 2019.

Use Baskets

Grouping similar items together in baskets is a great way to keep things organized. You can place the baskets side-by-side on each shelf. Then you can assign a category for each basket and fill it with those items. It also makes your items easier to reach as you can simply slide the basket out from the shelf and look through it.

Eye Level

Although you might have plenty of vertical places to place things high up on shelves and above your cabinets, try your best to keep everything at eye level in your kitchen. You’re more likely to forget things when you can’t see them. Placing everything at eye level means that you can reach everything a lot easier and you’ll be able to keep a constant inventory of what you already have and what needs to be replenished.

Storage Containers

It may seem silly to take items out of the boxes they came in just to put them in different containers, but the containers will make kitchen organization a lot more efficient. You can mark the containers so that you know what’s in them. You can also buy containers from a matching set that will complement the overall décor in your kitchen. Finally, the containers will keep your food fresher because they often come with airtight seals.

Cabinets and Drawers

When storing items away in your cabinets and drawers, keep all the tops together on one side and the bowls on the other side. With this system, you’ll be able to stack items on top of each other, taking up less space.  Put items that you use on a regular basis in the front and move your lesser-used accessories toward the back. Use hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors to take advantage of that space.

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