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Ways to Use Wall Shelving to Get More Organized

Ways to Use Wall Shelving to Get More Organized

If you’re looking to increase storage space, shelving is a great way, but the downside is that you lose valuable floor space.

Almost everybody at one point or another will say that they just wish they had more space. For some, the issue truly is a lack of space, but for many, it actually is an issue of organization. It’s not that we don’t have enough space, it’s that we don’t organize things in a way that uses that space well. One prime example is on our walls. They are an amazing place to add storage. Here are some suggestions for using shelves to add functional, organized space to your walls.

Mount It On The Walls

If you’re looking to increase storage space, shelving is a great way, but the downside is that you lose valuable floor space. In tight quarters, we often need that floor space for seating or surface space (think tables, counters, or desks). When you mount your shelving to the wall, you can have both. Mount wall shelving a little higher than you’d originally think to leave some headroom, and you can often fit some bench seating or even a low-slung couch or futon under it. The ‘floating’ style of shelving is great here because you don’t lose space to brackets.

Design It For Your Needs

There are more and more shelving systems out there that allow you to move the shelves around to get exactly what you need, which is great for organizing. In your kitchen, for example, you may need one deep shelf that has clearance for your one big pot, but half a dozen small shallow shelves to hold spices. These DIY systems allow you to customize the solution to exactly fit your needs. This way you can better organize your stuff without having wasted shelf space you can’t use.

Make It Decorative

When you give away all your wall space to shelving, it might feel like you’re giving up on art and decoration. Choose some of the more decorative style options so you have both functional space and wall art that speaks to your aesthetic. One way to do this is cube shelving, which gives you a usable shelf surface, with visually interesting but clean lines. Wire shelving also now comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You’re not limited to the boring bathroom racks, though even those allow you the freedom to decorate them – the open wires are great for plants since they don’t block light as much as solid shelves. Geometric shelving is another fun way to have functional walls, since it comes in lots of cool shapes, from triangles to multi-sided polygons. Finally, consider repurposing personal objects, like the body of an old acoustic guitar or an old high chair, into small shelving so that your shelving really is art.

Make Space Work for You with Metro Shelving!

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