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What to Do About Slippery Pallet Racks

What to Do About Slippery Pallet Racks

This slipperiness of your pallet racks is something you definitely need to address if you want them to be reliable for years to come.

If you have a warehouse, the chances are good that you already know the value of a pallet rack. They are some of the most efficient and widely used storage systems available. They are incredibly sturdy and built to last. They do require occasional maintenance, however, like most things. If they don’t get the maintenance they need, and sometimes even if they do, you may find that they start sliding out of place. This slipperiness of your pallet racks is something you definitely need to address if you want them to be reliable for years to come.

Misaligned Crossbar

One common problem associated with slippery pallet racks is a crossbar that is misaligned with the other bars. If you have a crossbar that won’t go back into place, the problem is likely sagging uprights. This is an example of a little issue that’s a sign of a serious problem.  If your uprights are sagging or otherwise coming out of place, it could be a huge safety issue. This sagging is often caused by too much weight putting a strain on your uprights or because they aren’t anchored correctly. If you’re seeing this issue, take the time to thoroughly inspect your uprights and to make sure they are all anchored securely.

Loose Fit Crossbar

This is a similar issue to the misaligned crossbar and often has similar causes. If your crossbar(s) won’t fit snugly into the holes or if they are misaligned to the holes, and you don’t have any anchoring issues (as mentioned above), the issue probably stems from a bent upright. A bent upright is a huge safety concern. You need to remove the heavy loads from the bent rack and stop using it (or only use it for non-racked storage) until it can be replaced. A damaged rack is not safe to use.

Misfitting Crossbeam

Another common issue with slippery pallet racks is when a crossbeam won’t go back into place once it is out. This is usually an indication of a damaged crossbeam, however, the damage could be on the one that won’t go back in, or the one nearest it (or both). Check both crossbeams thoroughly and if either is damaged it needs to be replaced. Damaged cross beams are not safe to continue to use. Once you’ve checked the crossbeams, you should also check to make sure the retaining pins are securely fastened. If they are loose or damaged, they could allow too much weight on the crossbeam which could bend or damage it.

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