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3 Types of Commercial Shelving Materials

3 Types of Commercial Shelving Materials

Looking for the perfect shelving material for your business? Read on to learn what the three main types are.

When you are buying shelving for your business, there is a lot that goes into this decision. You have to think about how and where you’re going to be using the shelving. This will help you determine the type of commercial shelving you need, such as metal racks or wall mounted shelving. You will also use this information to determine the best material for your shelving. In general, there are three main materials that are used for commercial shelving. 

Chrome-Plated Wire

Chrome-plated wire shelving is the most affordable type of commercial shelving in the industry, and it has many benefits. The greatest benefit of this type of shelving is that the wires allow air to circulate, which helps to limit moisture and mold growth. Chrome-plated wire shelving is also sturdy, holding up to 150 pounds per shelf, and it is easy to put together and customize. This type of shelving is also rust resistant, though it is not rust-proof. This means that for some situations and industries, chrome-plated wire shelving will not be a good fit, like for the walk-in coolers at a restaurant. 

Epoxy Coated Wire

Epoxy coated wire shelving is the next step up in quality and also the next step up in price. It is wire shelving that has a thin epoxy layer over the whole thing, making it rust-proof. While this type of shelving costs more than chrome-plated shelving, it tends to last 2 and sometimes 3 times as long. The epoxy can eventually wear off over time, and it can also be scraped off if you store things like metal items on the shelves. These shelves are also prone to some bending or warping under the weight of anything more than 150 pounds. 

Polypropylene Or Polymer Plastic

This is the most costly option for commercial shelving, but it is also the most durable. This type of shelving is completely rust proof and it is ideal for conditions with high humidity. These shelves can even stand up to the humidity and salty air of coastal areas. The thick coating of plastic on this type of shelving makes them very easy to clean, corrosion resistant, and lightweight. They also can hold a higher weight limit than the wire shelving types mentioned above, often 600 to 3200 pounds. Finally, they also often come with a good warranty to make up for the high price tag. 

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