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How It’s Made: Modular Office Buildings

How It’s Made: Modular Office Buildings

Modular office buildings are sturdy and creative solutions for temporary needs. This is how they’re made.

Modular office buildings are a necessity in various places at various times. It’s a place to do office work close to the construction site, for a start-up business keeping costs low, or for businesses needing space in the aftermath of a natural disaster. These buildings are quick, affordable, and friendly to the environment, creating little impact on its natural surroundings. How, though, are modular office buildings made?

Phase 1: Design

The modular building company will have several designs and/or sizes from which to choose. Modular offices can be one story or multiple stories. In some cases, these office buildings can be customized to fit your particular business needs. Once the design is approved by the client, the project can continue from there.

Phase 2: Assembly

The next step is the assembly process. The modular building company will construct the building according to the finalized design in a controlled space away from the project site. The foundation and utilities are constructed on the project site at the same time, which makes construction time much less than if the structure was meant to be permanent. 

Phase 3: Transportation

Once the building is complete, the company will transport it over to the project site safely. A perk of this type of construction, the building will come in as little as 30 days after it was ordered by the client, ready to be set in the ground and moved into.

Phase 4: Staging and Erection

Lastly, the building company will make sure that the building is properly installed. When all the proper steps are taken within this part of the construction, the client will have a smoothly working building will all the utilities working well and the client’s business ready to get to work too. 

A temporary modular building is meant for usage for a few months up to a few years, though it is designed to last for much longer. Modular office buildings can be easily disassembled, stored, and set up for new uses in the future.  

Questions? Ask Metro Shelving!

If you still have questions about how modular office space will benefit your warehouse, Metro Shelving is here to help you. If you need to outfit a warehouse, give us a call at 800-400-7500 or visit us online. We will work with you to create the perfect office space for you, your business, and your employees. We can even help you if you are interested in outfitting your garage, laundry room, or even your kitchen pantry. For more tips, tricks, and to see what we have been working on, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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