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Warehouse Storage Solutions: 4 Types of Metro Shelves

Warehouse Storage Solutions: 4 Types of Metro Shelves

Outfitting a warehouse has never been this easy!

Every warehouse needs to maximize their storage capabilities. If your business is in need of warehouse solutions, then consider these types of metro shelves and shelving. Outfitting a warehouse has never been this easy.

Pallet Racks

The pallet racks in your warehouse don’t have to be made of wood. They can also be made of wire. No matter what they’re made of, you can always make your pallet racks even neater so that you can fit more products onto them. Some wire pallet racks feature decks that separate the different levels of the stacks, assigning each product their own section. These decks increase the sturdiness of the racks and cut down on inventory turnover due to not being able to see the products contained on these racks or on the metro wire shelves nearby.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are enormously useful in a residential setting, but they can also be useful in commercial settings. Your warehouse is bound to have some large, wide-open walls.

Take advantage of all that space by installing wall-mounted shelves to contain your equipment and products. The wire shelves can be used all over your building, and not just in the main warehouse area. Put some in the bathroom, or in the locker room, to hold on to employees’ belongings while they are otherwise occupied. Use them in storage closets for cleaning supplies and in the cafeteria and lounges used as break rooms. The possibilities are almost endless!

Shelf Tracks and Movable Carts

Even small warehouses will have plenty of inventory items to move around. This task is much easier when you use shelf tracks and moveable carts. Use shelf tracks to help move trays of products from one shelf level to another, whether moving items up and down or left and right.

Some moveable carts you can use in your warehouse include wire and polymer carts, as well as wine carts, shelf trays, and utility carts.

Bulk Storage

Warehouse-style stores are just as popular as regular grocery stores. If you run such a business, then you understand the value of bulk storage. If you don’t have enough pallet racks, you will need some bulk storage racks. These racks are especially useful when you don’t have access to forklifts to help you move the pallets around the warehouse location and place them in the correct positions. Bulk storage racks will last for months and years before needing to be replaced, plus they can hold heavy loads, and best of all, are fireproof, all qualities which will protect your heaviest items even if they are fragile.

Make Space Work for You with Metro Shelving!

If you’re a homeowner or run a business, you can depend on Metro Shelving. If you need to outfit a warehouse, give us a call at (800) 400-7500. Call us even if you aren’t looking to outfit a warehouse because if your garage, laundry room, or kitchen pantry are in need of help, we can help you too. Are you on social media? Follow us on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.   

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