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Dock Equipment Tips: Cross-Docking in Your Warehouse

Dock Equipment Tips: Cross-Docking in Your Warehouse

This is where dock equipment can be of great use to you in your warehouse as it can help you fully utilize cross-docking.

When it comes to using the space in your warehouse, you want everything to be as efficient as possible. The more efficiently designed and spaced out your warehouse is, the more productive your work days will be. Cross-docking is one way in which you can create a better-oiled machine in your warehouse. Strategies that involve cross docking are best utilized in warehouses that find themselves with large amounts of freight coming in. However, a poorly set up cross-docking strategy can do more harm than good and cause bottlenecking and blind spots. This is where docking equipment can be of great use to you in your warehouse as it can help you fully utilize cross-docking.  

Keep Space Open

If you are trying to best use cross-docking to your advantage, then you need to be able to move freely and quickly without anything getting in your way. This usually means that there should be as close to nothing as possible in the areas that you are cross-docking. However, if you find yourself needing dock equipment though, you will want to minimize it to keep the space open. As helpful as dock equipment can be, it will not do much good to you if it is getting in your way.

Keep Things Organized

The organization is a key component in cross-docking. When items arrive at your outbound dock, they may need a minute before they can be shipped out. This is why it is always a smart idea to keep some wire shelving to use as dock equipment nearby the outbound dock. Wire shelving is handy to have as dock equipment in case you need to repack something coming in and can keep everything organized as you are trying to send everything out as quickly as possible without creating an even bigger mess. By doing this, you are guaranteeing that thanks to your dock equipment, everything is staying organized and allows you to repack and ship them quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage can be a fantastic aid as dock equipment when dealing with cross-docking because it provides you with a source of storage and organization that can easily be moved out of anyone’s way if need be. Wire carts serve perfectly as dock equipment because unlike other forms of shelving; they have wheels, so they are not bound to any single spot in your warehouse. If you need some quick shelving to get items organized or placed down temporarily, you can wheel in your new dock equipment to take care of business and then move it out of the way.

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