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Four Types of Commercial Kitchen Design

Four Types of Commercial Kitchen Design

An efficient restaurant starts with an overall efficient kitchen design.

The design of your commercial kitchen will maximize the overall efficiency of your business. If you are designing a commercial kitchen, or looking to renovate one, there are a number of considerations to make in order to maximize your space best. One of the first of these is how to arrange the overall layout of the kitchen. Below are four of the most common commercial kitchen designs to consider for your space.

Ergonomic Style

The ergonomic style encompasses all the elements of an efficient kitchen design in one customized layout. Like any restaurant kitchen, an ergonomic kitchen considers its square footage, menu, and staff size. The ideal space size depends on how many seats a restaurant has; every seat needs five square feet in the kitchen. The restaurant’s menu will determine what appliances it needs, such as ovens, grills, stoves, fryers, etc. Shelving should be easy to access and to keep clean. Designated areas for each station will keep the staff organized without running into each other. In this kitchen style, commercial kitchen designers use ergonomics, the study of people’s efficiency in a work space, to help them come up with the best solutions

Island Style

Also known as centralized style, island style places all major cooking appliances in a block formation in the center of the room. Other preparatory tasks such as cutting, cleaning, and storing are kept to the edges of the room. This creates a circular flow of motion around the kitchen. 

Zone Style

Zone style is virtually the opposite of island style. All tasks with their corresponding appliances are placed in blocks along the walls while the center of the room remains empty. Better for smaller spaces, this configuration keeps staff more or less in their own areas and avoids collisions.

Assembly Line

Assembly line commercial kitchen design is probably the most common one we see, especially in fast food establishments like Chipotle, Subway, and many others. It is ideal for commercial kitchens with a limited menu. When orders come through, each task can be done in a line and each order quickly ready to go.  

Questions? Ask Metro Shelving!

If you still have questions about how to make storage work for your commercial kitchen design, Metro Shelving is here to help you. If you need to outfit a commercial kitchen, give us a call at 800-400-7500 or visit us online. We will work with you to create the perfect space for you, your business, and your employees. We can even help you if you are interested in outfitting your garage, office space, or laundry room. For more tips, tricks, and to see what we have been working on, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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