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What You Need to Know About Workbenches

What You Need to Know About Workbenches

It is worth the investment to ensure your workers have quality workbenches to use – read on for all the details.

You would never expect a chef in a restaurant to do their job without a prep station or a baker to handle their workload without shelves where bread can rise. In many situations, workers are expected to manage their responsibilities without a sturdy, permanent place to use and store their tools. Sometimes all they have is a rickety table that wobbles and moves across the floor. Sometimes they don’t even have that, and they have to make their makeshift workstation out of whatever is on hand, like saw horses and spare wood. It is worth the investment to ensure your workers have quality workbenches to use – read on for all the details.

Weight Capacity

One of the primary considerations when choosing the right workbench is weight capacity. The table has to be able to hold all of the tools that will be stored and used there. If most of these are handheld tools, just about any workbench will do, as most can handle several hundred pounds. If your workers use cumbersome tools or those tools are used on other hefty materials, you will need a more heavy duty workbench.

Work Surface Type

Many workbenches available on the market today have work surfaces made from particleboard. This surface is adequate in many situations but not all. If your work conditions include regular exposure to wetness or moisture, the particleboard could warp and rot. If it is coated with a protective coating, this might prevent damage, but it might not be enough. In some cases, a steel surface is a better bet, especially for workbenches that experience heavy duty use. Finally, other options include PVC, which is easy to clean, and “shop top,” which prevents the buildup of static electricity.


Injury from repetitive motion is a real hazard, and it is one that can be prevented when workbenches can be sized to the user’s specific needs. Look for benches that offer customization options not just in terms of storage and shelves for a tidy organization, but also in terms of table height.

Return On Investment

It may not seem like there is a good return on investment for workbenches, but there truly is. Aside from improving the overall morale issues associated with not having a proper place to work, quality workstations also improve productivity and efficiency. It is easier to get a job done when you don’t have to spend time each day setting up a table, fixing or rearranging a table that moves, or looking for tools because they don’t have a set place where they go each day.

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